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New to Avelle!

We are excited to announce

Kari Hammersley has joined our team  to offer ThetaHealing!

ThetaHealing is a very powerful and unique healing modality.  It has the ability to work on the unconscious mind and your DNA to identify blocks in your belief systems that are impacting your wellness, both physically and mentally.

ThetaHealing is a fast and incredibly effective therapy that can make immediate changes in how you feel and live your life.

Using a connection to the Creator of all that is, your Practitioner will enter into a Theta brainwave and bring about a healing connection by exploring the 4 belief levels of core, history, genetics and soul.  These belief systems will be muscle tested to affirm where your blocks lie, and that they have been removed through the amazing power of ThetaHealing.

ThetaHealing transforms every aspect of your life including health, relationships, physical & mental wellbeing, and spirituality.  It instills a positivity into your life that allows you to be the person that you truly want to be.